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Owners of 26043 and 45149

26043 Share Appeal

2013 saw, for the first time, 26043 work a passenger train when it appeared at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway’s summer diesel gala as one of the star attractions.

Complete with a fresh coat of “BR Blue”, the loco started to perform well, however, all was not good. Over the course of the weekend, first one traction motor expired but not to want to upset the customers, she plodded along on only three motors. However, unfortunately, the loco suffered a second traction motor failure, this time on the other bogie, and so she was reluctantly withdrawn from the line up.

Since then, work has continued on restoring the locomotive to full glory and whilst she awaits signing off into traffic, the opportunity has been taken to lift the locomotive and remove both bogies in order to facilitate a two-motor change.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for a locomotive with a support group short on cash. It had been discovered that one of the tyres on the locomotive required an urgent turn to remove a flaw which had previously gone un-noticed.

Therefore, the option was taken, and using the majority of the remaining money in the Group’s funds, to send the bogie away and have the work done. Once reunited and refitted with the motors, the bogie was replaced and work is now concentrating on the final ‘tweaks’ to make the loco completely serviceable and hopefully ready in time for the July diesel gala this year.

However, this work has had a serious impact on our already-depleted funds, so a Press Release was composed and sent to all railway magazines as well as being posted online in an effort ot persude the railway enthusiast fraternity to stump up some much-needed cash in return for shares in the locomotive. A share costs just 250 and can be paid for by monthly direct debits. If you can consider helping our cause to get the loco “back on track” (pun intended!), please please do download one of our shareholder application forms (download direct from, or via the website at – forms to support our other locomotive, 45149 can also be downloaded from the same place).


Thank you for taking the time to consider assisting the
Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group return 26043 to full service.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Diesel Locomotive Team on or for more information about the GWR, please see

007. 26043 Toddington GWR. 09-June-05; Ref-D3-P8 274. 26043 Cheltenham RC. 26-July-13

Then and Now... 26043 under restoration in 2005 (left) and in working order in 2013 (right)