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26043 Locomotive Lift

As you will have read elsewhere in this newsletter, and we have made no secret of it, 26043 needed a lift in order to change two traction motors. The opportunity was also taken whilst the loco was up in the air, to send number 2 end bogie away as a defect on number 3 axle required turning and re-profiling.

Over three days in late March, this work was achieved. Railway Support Services provide the specialised hydraulic jacking equipment, as well as the Class 26 lifting brackets, Moveright International provided the transport of the bogie to and from Tyseley and RJ Halls provided a 3t telehandler which was used to lift the motors in and out of the bogies. There were also a good number of helpers from the CMDG to assist Tim and Steve with the technical side of disconnecting, lifting and lowering the motors.

The number 2 end bogie was loaded onto a low loader and taken to Tyseley for turning of the number 3 axle tyres. There was a little bit of confusion surrounding the work at Tyseley as they seemed to be overbooked, but a little bit of ‘gentle persuasion’ meant the axle was turned and returned the following day where five hardy souls worked into the night replacing the motors, bearings and end caps ready for the loco to be lowered down on the morning of day 3, all as planned.

Enjoy these photos and please do consider either making a donation (to “Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group 26043 Fund”) to help us re-build our financial position to secure the ongoing preservation of this fine machine.

201. Starting lift of 26043 at Toddington. 25-Mar-14
202. Jacking of 26043 at Toddington. 25-Mar-14 203. Bogies out from under 26043 at Toddington. 25-Mar-14
208. No.2 bogie off for tyre turning at Tyseley. 25-Mar-14 209. Working on cleaning up one remaining good motor from No.2 bogie. 25-Mar-14 210. Work on disconnecting motor on No. 1 bogie. 25-Mar-14
211. Work on disconnecting motor on No. 1 bogie. 25-Mar-14 214. Lifting out the defective traction motor from No. 1 bogie. 25-Mar-14 215. Lifting out the defective traction motor from No. 1 bogie. 25-Mar-14
222. 26043 on jacks at Toddington. 26-Mar-14 224. Freshly turned tyre on No.3 axle. 26-Mar-14 225. The returned bogie at Toddington. 26-Mar-14
228. Working into the night to fit the motors, bearings and end caps. 26-Mar-14 232. View of jacks in use. 27-Mar-14 234. Job Done! 27-Mar-14

Thanks to all that made this happen, and a future for 26043. In no particular order: R.J. Halls Forklifts, Railway Support Services, Moveright International, and London Midland Tyseley, as well as Mike Pember, Simon Townsend, Mark Bridges, Richard Graves, Ian Cheshire, George Forrest, Tim Leverton, Steve Madge and Paul Fuller who all gave time to assist with the hands-on work to get the job done.

A full set of photographs from the lift can be found online at: