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Owners of 26043 and 45149

45149 Restoration
(Up to date progress is distributed to members of the CMDG well in advance of it appearing on this website)

Work on restoring the Peak is ongoing every weekend. Over the last few years, the Sulzer power unit has been completely overhauled and a major milestone in the Groups history achieved in August 2008 when the power unit was re-united with the loco.

Mechanical and electrical work is also ongoing with the latest being cab restoration of the number 2 (south) end nose having been removed allowing access to the traction motor blower, compressor and instrument lights. This is now in the process of being put back together.

A recent history of the progress on the Peak can be found on the year-by-year options on the left.

45149 leaves Parsons Tunnel on 1033 Wolves-Penzance 4th April 2
45149 leaves Parsons Tunnel, Dawlish, with the 10:33 Wolverhampton to Penzance on the 4th April 1980
Photo: Paul Winter